This is the official page for the Campbellsville Sports Complex (Dowell Recreational Park) — a new development by the City of Campbellsville – Parks and Recreation.

Identity – Did you know the City of Campbellsville is a sports mecca? The City operates venues for baseball, soccer, volleyball, golf, tennis, and swimming to name a few. Also, the City operates parks and recreation areas that include greenscapes, hardscapes, and waterways for activities like hiking and biking. Obviously, we value an active and vibrant lifestyle – it’s who we are.

Growth – The City is also a regional hub. This is significant yet subtle because many communities depend on our water, university, healthcare, and industry in ways that are not always obvious. Take a second look — you may have noticed new water towers, a thriving university campus famous for its student athletes, a revitalized downtown, a booming healthcare sector, and new growth in our technology park – it’s what we do.

Live Fully – Now is the time to meet new demands – social, cultural, and economic. Our calling to keep up and take charge of what’s next. After all, a City is about it’s people. Next, the Campbellsville Sports Complex – the new hub of sports activity. It is an expression of what we want to do. We want to realize a happier and healthier life through activity for all – it’s what’s next.

Here is a concept drawing of the Campbellsville  Sports Complex:

Campbellsville Sport Complex - map